Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Letter to My Eyebrows

Dear Eyebrows,

Y'all have been hanging in there for 24 years. Y'all knew that being full and bold would be cool and something others would desire one day. Even though 15 year old Connie was mortified when a mean, ugly, bully of an older boy held your arm hair while making mimicking Chewbacca, you two just keep coming in fuller and stronger.

I hated y'all for that for awhile. I plucked a hair or two in my day but I eventually would throw them down in fear of ripping out an entire brow. I begged the gods above to stop making my eyebrows grow. Now everyone is drawing in big ole fake eyebrows & look at y'all! All natural...get it.

So now we know that we still need to clean y'all up a bit. This is why I'm writing this letter to ya, to apologize.Today I got your little hairs waxed off. It's so violent, and I'm sorry for it. I pay a lot of money for that pain, too.

It's sick, but I really like when I'm getting you waxed.  I walk into the spa waiting room at Paris Parker and I'm in the zone. That delicious aroma surrounds me in the dim lighting. I am RE-LAXEDDD. I get called into the room and I lay down on the bed that's covered in warm towels and I'm ready to move in. Then my stylist starts placing the wax on my face and tearing the strips off and oh does it hurt...but oh how I love it. Does this mean I'm disturbed? It's so therapeutic. Then she starts petting my brows and putting all the creams on my face and I have to force myself to stay awake.

Once she's done she hands us the mirror to check them out...and it's like BAM CONFIDENCE IS HERE. There you are, Brows, perfectly sculpting and clean looking but still so full looking. We know we're going to look good for at least 3 weeks. 

I hope you enjoy the process too, Brows. Thanks for always knowing what was going to be cool when I was 24. I would trade you for any other eyebrows!


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