Friday, July 13, 2012


When I turned 23, I wrote a few goals down for the year. I like to feel like I accomplished something as I break down each year when I realize how old I am.

23 before 24
1.   Find a job
2.   Move into an apartment
3.   Get down to 120-130 pounds
4.   Buy more vintage clothing
5.   Determine a style
6.   Save money/create a budget
7.   Be more active/get outside more
8.   Collect more music
9.   See more shows
10. Paint my nails more
11. Spend time with more friends
12. Read more
13. Be creative- more DIY projects
14. Cook/bake more
15. Journal daily- even a sentence
16. Take more pictures/bring camera(s) to places more often
17. Become more outgoing
18. Drink less soda
19. Find a church
20. Read the Bible daily
21. Upload pictures from my phone DAILY
22. Blog more
23. Be happy!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Let's talk about today.

It was super uneventful. I woke up super early (okay 7:00am is moderately early) & brought my bestest friend to the New Orleans airport. It was a nice drive & we ate lunch together at Subway...I know so charming!

After that I kind of just came home, cleaned my room up a bit, ran some, ate some, & read some.

This is said best friend, Eric. He watches House Hunters with me, so he's awesome in my books :)

He also buys me sunflowers.

These lamps line the road leaving the NOLA airport. I like them.

That is a scary cloud eating a pretty sky. Sad.

I looked over & saw that Harry Potter was giving me a disapproving look. Sorry, Harry.

PS: Just a heads up, most of my pictures will be iPhone/instagram pictures. Super lame, I know, but the only camera I have is a Nikon D80 & I don't really tote that around on my adventures to Walmart.

Life as of Lately: Take 2

Let's try this again.

I'm back from Disney. Surprise, surprise...I can't stay in one place for too long. That's probably not a great quality to have, but WHATEVZ. I've been frantically searching for a job for 2 months & I finally found a little part-time work. Hopefully it will turn into a full time job with benefits and etc. I learned a life lesson from this though, MY CHILDREN WILL HAVE A LEGIT MAJOR. They'll thank me.

So how about a picture dump from the past 6 months? 

My beautiful friend got married in June!

My best friend is Cinderella & she is a beautiful princess :)

That's the door dedicated to cast members on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. It's great being a Photopass Photographer because you're friends with them all & they'll take whatever pictures you ask them to :)

I turned 23 & made funny faces all night.

I FINALLY met the Tremaines. 

I got to kiss Donald Duck :)

I made some pretty fantastic friends in Disney, but Disney just wasn't for me. I'll always love it & I will always vacation there & brag about how I worked there, but there's a time for everything...a time to enjoy something & a time to let it go. You just have to know when to say goodbye :)