Thursday, January 24, 2013

Once a mouseketeer...

I feel like I will always want to work for Disney. No matter how many times I go, get homesick, & come home I end up missing the magic. I honestly only came home for my mom & my best friend. But sometimes I wonder if I left a good thing. Sure, the pay is awful, but I can work my way up eventually. Plus the job search over here is basically not happening. I'm not good enough for anyone I suppose (shows you what they know ;) ). It's been on my mind lately more & more & especially because I went to Universal after Christmas...which is the point of this post :)

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is just as magical as Disney World. I miss ya butterbeer!

That one time it was Christmas...

1. My bestest pals & I got together to help Courtney put up some of her Christmas decorations. We had inappropriate conversations & we named our little "group". Good times.
2. You know you're in the south when....
3-5. Just your average self timer shots.

One night I wanted to try out bookeh pictures so Eric & I went to downtown Baton Rouge to play. I didn't have a tripod, it was super dark, & I was on manual with a lens that only drop to an f-stop of like 3.8 or 3.5 (one day I will be a proud owner of 50mm) I'm proud of them.

Happy late Christmas!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I've never been one to have resolutions because I feel as though I put too much pressure on myself. I'm goal oriented, but some goals I set are too high or too far fetched to actual achieve. So this year I'm making a few big goals for myself & then set smaller ones each month (and maybe weekly) to help accomplish the big goals.

The BIG goals:
1. Get another job.
2. Save money to go to NYC in May & maybe for NYE.
3. Move into an apartment.
4. Better my photography.
5. Loose weight.
6. Blog more.
7. Eat out less.
8. Read more.
9. Become more relational-- that includes Jesus, friends, etc.
10. Be happy & forgive.

I'll set small goals each month for each of these big goals & blog about how it's going. I'm hoping this will keep me accountable even if I'm the only one reading :)