Hi there! My name is Connie and I love lists and bullet points.

1. I'm 24 and I'm definitely going through a quarter life crisis.
2. My favorite color is yellow. I have a yellow complex.
3. I'm weird.
4. I worked at Walt Disney World twice. The first time I worked at "it's a small world" & Peter Pan's Flight. The second time I was a Photopass photographer at Magic Kingdom. Magical.
5. I love all things owls. I liked them before it was cool.
6. I'm on my way to claiming myself as a music collector. I'm not musically inclined at all.
7. I love Louisiana.
8. I also love to leave Louisiana.
9. Everyone is my best friend....unless they're my best best friend.
10. Lurve me some Jesus.

Here's a picture dump of my face.