Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 6-13 in Pictures

It's been a week! Here's the story via iPhone photos.

1. It's been stressful at work, so one day I ate my lunch by the giraffes. It helped my perspective a good deal.
2. I had a little bit of a "heartbreak" happen this week. My friends picked me up by having a girl's night. There was junk food, a little wine, and music. I am blessed with wonderful friends!
3. I work on Saturdays & Sundays, so I have to watch football via live streaming. This should be against the law. THIS IS THE SOUTH, Y'ALL.
4. I run on my lunch breaks & saw this little pretty and took a snapshot.
5. I found my cat, Fuzz, like this when I came over from Colorado...someone missed me :)
6. A terrifying photo I took of myself that I thought was too funny not to share. I got lunch the other day & someone told me I looked like a "cute nerd" with my glasses. Okay.
7. See #2
8. One of my best friends, Amanda, is friends with Cinderella & Ariel at Disney. I made her my backdrop, so it was just a pleasant thing to see when she sent me a text. 

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